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Welcome to the site of Metascience,
the science of consciousness and rebirth in the zero point field.


The Alchemy of Life

The therapy presented on this site is not an intellectual exercise.
It is the result of my total involvement in 25 years of research.
Enriched by numerous studies and carried by my faith in my work, I have developed a structure of verticalisation which allows me to potentialise my body and my energy in a quantum fashion.
I am now able to use my mind as an authentic research tool.
Different developmental stages have allowed me to raise my vibrational frequency and to conceptualise
this new referential which acts on man’s vibrational inheritance.

Metascience is defined as a tool of Creativity governed by the laws of biology.

It is situated within a fundamental unity, in a space of reconciliation, where the dual forces of nature are in equilibrium.
The integration of this centre and its energy enables me to generate a zone of neutral polarity between my two cerebral hemispheres, thanks to which I am able to modify my internal dynamic structure, and reduce my conscience to the cellular level by opening up my unconscious. (The unconscious is able to communicate with the quantum world, where everything is possible).

By the touch of my hand, I can thus establish spontaneous communication with the underlying information imprinted in the energy field of my patients. (The world is imprinted in each quantum particle in the form of waves transmitting the images of the material world as holograms, at a deep quantum level).

The creation of this neutral space in the centre of the brain enables me to create a syntonisation with quantum space. I can thus generate a super-radiance of my pineal gland by the integration and transformation of subatomic particles in the form of coloured waves, which are transmitted to the patient according to his physical needs.
By increasing my degree of coherence, I can channel the necessary information and restitute an order among the elementary particles of the cells.
The mental and physical structures of my consciousness exert a reorganising influence on the patient.

The systemic approach of this therapy includes a semantic dimension, replete with meaning on the spiritual level. The concepts of truth / justice, freedom / responsibility between myself and my patient
are thus self-evident.

The Metascience bears witness to the reality of the person concerned in his Body / Soul / Mind dimension, within his own personal nature.

It opens the doors to the exploration of the consciousness of the reality of vibrational fields which inform the whole of life, from the microcosm to the macrocosm, from the cell to the universe.

It enables us to discover the intrinsic qualities and capacities of man in connection with his origins,
his evolutionary potential, and his possibilities of self renewal.

Human betwen Sky and Earth

Modern physics has shown that matter does not exist as we perceive it, that it is in fact, as Einstein said,
simply a condensed form of energy, and this energy, in continual movement, is light in a condensed form.
We live in a world which consists of vibrations, and not of matter in the normal sense of the term,
and we ourselves are made up of these vibrations.

Human beings, together with all living things, partake of energy within an all-encompassing energy field, which
is the central motor of our being and our consciousness, the beginning and end of our existence. In the relation between our bodies and the universe, there is no duality - “I” and “not-I” - there is only an all- enveloping energy field. This field, which is the source of our highest mental faculties, constitutes the information source which governs our physical growth. It is our mind, our heart, our memory. This field is in fact the source of our very being from the beginning.

This new concept is in line with the teachings of traditions which distinguish different bodies superimposed on
and interpenetrating each other, each one finer and more impalpable than the last, and vibrating at a higher frequency.

According to these theories, our physical body is only the most palpable manifestation of a whole series
of “bodies” which also belong to us, but which, being invisible, are not accessible to our consciousness.

Our bodies are the reflection of the field of forces of which they are constituted. They are governed and directed by a system of vibrational frequencies. Thus biological phenomena are not limited to simple chemical reactions. They participate in a system of vibrational homeostasis which is in a state of perpetual evolution. Order and progress towards ever greater states of coherence appears to be the natural state of all living beings.

The quantum theory reveals the fundamental unity of the universe, together with the impossibility of subdividing the world into smaller units endowed with an independent existence. Everything is interconnected, information
is distributed in a holographic fashion, on the cosmic level as well as at the level of our own bodies.

« A hologram is a three dimensional image, each part of which contains within itself the image of the hologram
in its entirety. »

It can be thought of as the information field which contains our consciousness, and therefore our identity.
Its source is to be found within our DNA at an extremely high frequency, that of the zero point field.
The distribution of information holographically justifies the multiple therapeutic approaches which consider that the whole man is present in each part of his body. In this way, quantum space allows us to retain an image
of the physical world within ourselves.

There is thus a profound coherence between traditional approaches and the methods of modern science.
Truth, or reality, is indivisible. We are no longer in a state of war between contradictory systems of knowledge, but in a state of co-operation between coherent methodologies. There is a reconciliation between the right and left side of the brain.

There are not two physical worlds, only one, that of quantum space,
and of the capacity of matter to organise itself coherently.

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