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My Method

The waves of coloured light synthesised by my pineal gland,
allow me to reharmonise the vibrational imbalances.

According to the laws of classical physics, in particular the law of entropy, the movement of the living world tends always towards chaos and disorder.

However, the coherence of consciousness represents the greatest form of order existing in matter.

This superior order can contribute to modelling and creating order in the world.

The curative frequencies are the result of an alchemy between vibration and matter.

Methodology: conceptualisation of the vibrational state of matter

  • First contact with the patient by means of my right hand on his solar plexus ( in all forms of traditional thought, the region of the solar plexus and the navel is a centre of communication between “interior” and “exterior”. It emits a vibrational field which synthesises information about the person in his entirety.

  • Balancing of my two cerebral hemispheres by the integration and mastering of the dual forces (polarity reduced to zero, creating a neutral “space” for the patient).

  • Lowering of my consciousness to the cellular level by the raising and syntonisation of my vibrational frequency with that of the zero point (unlimited frequency band).

  • Deliberate raising of my level of coherence.

  • Opening up of my unconsciousness, receptiveness, and analysis of information with respect to the patient found in the zero point field, in the form of multi-referential metaphors. (Each quantum particle contains within it the world, transmitting images of the world at each instant, one element of the entire scene acting as a “marker”).

  • Syntonisation with the patient.

  • Reception by my pineal gland of quantum fluctuations (subatomic particles).

  • Synthesis by my pineal gland in the form of waves of coloured light (super radiance).

  • Emission and transmission, channelled by my energies and by means of my hands, of the coloured lightwaves on to the body of the patient.

  • Restitution to the patient of a neutral space in which he can effect his own cure.

  • Elevation of the degree of coherence of the patient by reharmonisation of the vibrational structure of his cells with the coloured lightwaves (increase of his vibrational frequency).

  • Restitution of order among the elementary particles of the patient’s cells.

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