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Quantum Therapy

Quantum therapy is defined as a holistic and systemic therapy
centred on the understanding of the different biophysical mechanisms which govern life,
in particular the action of electromagnetic waves.

THE ZERO POINT: The zero point is the meeting point of all the fields of fundamental being, and of all particles.
It is in fact the field of all fields.

The zero point is a point situated beyond positive and negative polarities, in which good and evil, light and darkness coexist in equilibrium.
At the zero point, the positive force is at its peak because its potential is stimulated by the presence of the corresponding negative force.
It’s the principle of the horseshoe magnet.
The zero point being a field created by these two opposing forces which coexist.
The true creative power is born from the equilibrium point between two magnetic poles.
A naturally reinforced consciousness results from an avalanche of subatomic coherence.
All information resides in this superior dimension which is possible to attain when it is deemed both necessary and significant.


Metascience allows us to go beyond our individual frontiers and to establish a spontaneous connection with the information inscribed in the vibrational fields which underpin the visible world.
Its aim is to re-establish the correct vibrational transmission, by direct access to the living core of being.

[Our DNA is the interface between matter and the intangible world, that is to say,
the quantum world where all is possible.]

Thanks to the use of quantum fluctuations emanating from the zero point, Metascience is able to operate a direct transfer of genetic, biological and psychic information according to the needs both of the physical body and of its subtle, intangible counterparts. It acts thus on the whole person in its three aspects of Body, Soul and Mind.

DNA as a light emitter and receptor :

DNA is an aperiodic crystal which is an efficient captor and transmitter of electrons,
and also emits - at extremely weak, barely measurable, frequencies - photons,
i.e. electromagnetic waves, and it does this more than any living matter.
The extremely high degree of coherence of this energy is comparable to that of a laser.
The emission of these bio-photons constitutes a veritable cellular language.
The cells use these waves to regulate their own internal reactions, and also to communicate between each other. These wavelengths correspond exactly to the narrow band of visible light. These particular characteristics mean that DNA is an excellent emitter and receptor of electromagnetic radiation. The DNA molecule constitutes a sort of ultimate technology, being organic, and so miniaturised as to be at the very limits of material existence.
Metascience permits the interaction with these electromagnetic waves transmitted and received by the DNA.

Fields of Application : Restoring the unity body-soul-mind

Metascience allows for the re-establishment of the informational structures of the cells by a reharmonisation of the elementary particles of which they are constituted,
thus bringing the organism back to its point of equilibrium :

  • Accompaniment and liberation of the self
        Deprogramming and reprogramming of the DNA
        Metamorphosis - Personal development
  • Development of phases of renewal by the induction of positive stress
        In the case of serious illnesses, and of immunity system deficiency.
  • Harmonisation of the vibrational supports of the self
        with the new cosmic referential.
  • Cellular regeneration.
  • Elimination of parasites.
  • Etc.

  • Metascience bears witness to the infinite variety of the person,
    its field of application is therefore open.


    Myths and Traditions.

    The different Creation Myths which have come down to us via the main traditions of humanity are all conscious of this division between “higher” and “lower”, born of a separation (in the sense of a distinction) within one unifying principle.

    From this point of view, Man is the meeting point of the universe and the Gods, which is why in the traditional sciences he is called “microcosmos” (little universe) and “microtheos” (little god).

    Man is the point of departure of all vibrations, the origin of all resonances.

    DNA and Traditions.

    When one studies the different traditions in depth, one finds one basic common message,
    one orginal mother tongue.

    According to animist belief, all living beings are animated by the same principle, the same language which is encoded in our DNA.

    In a universe where physics and metaphysics are two aspects of the same reality, where life is governed by the laws of biology, each being is necessarily the incarnation of archetypes (energy structures) which underly his physical manifestation.

    Each organ, structure, function or mechanism is the visible manifestation of one of the fundamental living archetypes (quantum field forces).

    All the rites and myths of humanity take this vision into account.

    Knowledge is the meeting point between science and tradition.

    The invisible part of the universe has its origins within our cells, our body is the crucible of all the memories of humanity.

    There exists a continuum of interdependence between man and creation, just as there exists an interdependence between man’s body and the cells of which it is composed.
    To attain consciousness of the one is in the same mesure to attain consciousness of the other.
    To be truly oneself is to become conscious of one’s inner identity, of one’s relation to creation.

    To treat therapeutically is above all to connect each being to the order of the world,
    to the sacred architecture of Life and the Universe.

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